Regarding the personal data of customers using the services of the official website of the company.

Dear Clients! The use of services on the website involves the placement, storage and processing of your personal contact information. Our company assumes full responsibility for non-disclosure and confidentiality of this information. Be sure that your contact details will under no circumstances be passed on to third parties and will not be used to the detriment of your interests.

The order of a translation services

You can place an order for translation through the "Submit Application" or “Send a request” buttons on our official website. At the same time, your contact information, phone number, email address and the text of the document to be translated will not be displayed on the Internet, and third parties will not have open access to them. All information is stored and processed exclusively within the company.     


When using this service, your contact phone number gets to the operators who make a call back. All conversations with the operator are recorded and studied by the company's marketers to improve the level of services provided. Conversations are stored on a secure server of a company providing IP telephony services and are deleted from all media after 2 months. Third parties do not have access to listen to or download files with conversation recordings.

Cookies and other browser settings

When you visit our official website, one or more so-called "cookies" and other technical parameters are sent to your computer. This information is used solely to identify your browser and is never shared with third parties.

Logging actions on the website

Your actions carried out on the site, for example, moving from one page to another, are recorded in a special log on the site. The chronology of records is studied by our company's analysts only and is used solely for marketing purposes. Based on the collected material, measures are taken to improve the quality of services provided.

Privacy policy changes

The terms of the privacy policy can be changed by decision of the company's management unilaterally, without notifying interested parties. All changes that were made will be specified in this document.


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